Personal Finance for the Masses     

As a college student on her way to becoming financially independent, Amealia created this website to help others do just that. It all began while sitting in a personal finance class. She realized that all the crucial information for living a financially stable life was just limited to those who were sitting in the classroom, found this unfair, and thought, “What about the other young adults like me who are going to begin their lives without all of this financial knowledge?” Thus, SavetheBread was born. “Save the Bread?” Yes, bread. As in dough, cheddar, or simply put, money. SavetheBread was created specifically to financially educate those who are in high school, college, and young adults in their 20s, and anyone else who aspires to be financially literate. Amealia strongly believe that financial literacy promotes wealth. Therefore, her mission is to help instill sharp budgeting and planning skills that will result in responsible financial decisions. So, read, become financially literate, and save the bread.   


About Me

Amealia is the creator and writer of SavetheBread. This website is a product of her interest in finance and an attempt to financially educate those who are unsure on how to attain a financially stable lifestyle. Amealia is a New Yorker, an undergraduate pursuing a B.A. in Economics with a concentration in Finance, and above all else, aspiring to become fiscally responsible.